NOYMI Sports Bluetooth Earphones with 8 Hrs Play Time| ET-147

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NOYMI Sports Bluetooth Earphones with 8 Hrs Play Time

Introducing the NOYMI Best Bluetooth Neckband, your ultimate partner for powerful sound and reliable wireless connectivity. This sleek, stylish, and high-performance headphone provides a seamless blend of comfort, style, and quality, perfectly suited for Android, iOS Mobile, and PC users. NOYMI  Wireless Ear Neckband
  • Designed with cutting-edge Bluetooth technology:- The NOYMI  offers lightning-fast pairing and stable connections, allowing you to stay connected with your music, podcasts, or calls without any interruptions. These headphones provide crystal-clear audio quality that immerses you into your own world of sound, ensuring you experience every beat, lyric, or dialogue in its full glory.
  • Integrated with a high-quality microphone:- The ET-147 Wireless Neckband headphones bring your calls to life with superior voice clarity. The noise cancellation feature provides a distraction-free listening experience, effectively blocking out external noises and creating a private sound space, whether you’re at home, on your commute, or at a bustling café.
  • standout features of these wireless headphones:- One of the standout features of these wireless headphones is their voice assistance compatibility. Whether you’re an Android user relying on Google Assistant, an Apple user making use of Siri, or a PC user working with Cortana, the NOYMI ET-147 has you covered. Simply press a button to activate your voice assistant and enjoy hands-free operation.
The sweat-resistant design makes these headphones the ideal companion for your workouts. They can withstand your most intense exercise sessions, keeping you motivated with your favorite tunes without worrying about damage from sweat or moisture.
  • Comfort is at the core of the ET-147’s design:- The neckband style offers a comfortable fit for all-day wear. Its lightweight and ergonomic design allows for easy portability, letting you carry your music wherever you go.
  • In a nutshell:-  The NOYMI ET-147 Best Bluetooth Neckband is a great addition to your daily life. It effortlessly combines high-end audio technology with user-friendly design aspects, setting a new standard in wireless listening. With its excellent sound quality, noise cancellation, voice assistance compatibility, and sweat-resistant properties, it’s a versatile solution for music lovers, busy professionals, and fitness enthusiasts alike. Step into the future of audio with the NOYMI ET-147 Best Bluetooth Neckband.
Noymi ET-147 Wireless Neckband how to connect:-
  • Turn on the Bluetooth function on your device. This is usually found in the settings menu and may be under ‘Connections’, ‘Bluetooth’, ‘Wireless and Networks’, or similar.
  • Put your ET-147 Wireless Neckband in pairing mode. This is usually achieved by holding down the power button or a specific pairing button if one exists. Some earphones enter pairing mode automatically when they are turned on and not yet connected to a device. You may need to refer to the earphone’s manual for specific instructions.
  • Search for new devices on your device. In your device’s Bluetooth settings, there should be an option to search for or add new devices.
  • Select your ET-147 Wireless Neckband from the list of devices. Your earphones should appear in the list of available devices. Tap on the name to start the pairing process. You might need to enter a code for the device to pair (often 0000 or 1234), but this is not always the case.
  • Confirm the pairing. If your device asks for confirmation, confirm the pairing. Once connected, your device will usually remember the earphones and automatically connect in the future when Bluetooth is turned on and the earphones are in range.
If you’re having trouble, ensure your earphones are charged, your device’s Bluetooth is working properly, and there are no obstructions or interference.