NOYMI Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses with IPX5 Waterproof & UV400 Lens | E -13

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Why NOYMI Portable Wireless Sunglass?

The Unparalleled Fusion of Style & Technology

Discover the epitome of innovation with NOYMI’s Portable Wireless Sunglass with Bluetooth Headset. Merging the best of eyewear and audio technology, these sunglasses are tailored for the modern-day tech aficionado.
  • Exceptional Vision Quality: Boasting premium lenses, NOYMI smart glasses provide immaculate UV protection. The anti-glare feature ensures you enjoy pristine visuals, whether you’re driving along coastal roads or hiking mountain trails.
  • Wireless Audio Excellence: Embedded with a high-fidelity Bluetooth headset, these smart glasses make it a breeze to receive calls, groove to your favorite playlists, or engage with voice assistants. Say goodbye to the fuss of tangled wires or misplaced earbuds.
  • Stable & Swift Bluetooth Connectivity: Armed with advanced Bluetooth capabilities, these smart glasses guarantee a glitch-free, rapid connection to a range of your devices. Multi-tasking has never been this smooth.
  • Sophisticated & Durable Design: Beyond their tech attributes, the NOYMI smart glasses exude elegance. The ergonomic design assures a snug fit, and the reinforced frame ensures they stand the test of time.
  • Ultra-Portable & Featherlight: With their minimalist weight and accompanying stylish carry case, the NOYMI wireless sunglasses set a new benchmark in portability. Embrace the future of wearable tech with NOYMI’s sunglasses. Experience a blend of fashion, function, and flawless connectivity like never before. Dive into this innovation and stand out from the crowd!
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